Investigating Discrimination in Car Insurance Premiums in California
International / Tuesday

There are currently investigations by the Insurance Department in California against eight auto insurance companies suspected of discriminating racers for minority environments, as well as responses to findings by ProPublica and Customer Reports. This is related to the existence of an article from ProPublica and Consumer Reports that found eight Californian insurance to use higher premiums in minority environments than non-minority environments at similar accident costs. While the law in California prohibits discriminatory treatment by using excessive insurance rates. On 28 April ago deputy commissioner Ken Allen once wrote to a lawyer at the Consumers Union, “The allegations against this price is a serious offense” For that to be investigated and summarizing all the data and information needed to complete an analysis of eight companies on a file-per-file basis. The goal is whether there is true improper determination by the insurance company. Of course the California insurance department debated the ProPublica analysis and said “The conclusions were taken incorrectly because of using the wrong methodology” as the regulatory body mentioned in an official statement. Despite having made such statements the department decided to make an inquiry on its own, and would make a public review especially after receiving input from…

This year is the final preparation for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
International / Saturday

This year is the final preparation for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Mathews Millionaire James Mathews will marry Pippa Midldleton who is already engaged and has been dubbed the most marriage of public attention this year. Middleton will go down the aisle at 8:30 p.m. and this is one of Britain’s most luxurious events in Englefield and invited guests of about 300 people. This marriage is a historical one. Mathews 41 and Middleton 33 agreed their marriage would be held in July and they had already prepared for the day. Meanwhile, Sun himself claims to be a “tartan affair” to celebrate Scottish heritage Matthews because the couple will be married for less than a year. This is a “wedding this year” and is a great day you need to know. In addition, the spouse does not bear any fees whether the guest will be covered and includes adequate privacy. The small village of England, however, is filled with surveillance vehicles and security guards and police officers totaling dozens of people. The cameras have been set up all over the place, and mostly hidden behind the disguises, and the security guards are also working hard to secure the event….

This is the cause of Chris Cornell’s death
International / Friday

For the moment the authorities say rocker Chris Cornell died of suicide by hanging himself. Cornell found dead In MGM Grand Detroid after several hours performing with Soundgarden at the Fox Theater on Wednesday night 17/5/2017 Soundgarden and Audioslave grunge band vocalist died at the age of 52 years. Earlier detective police Micahel Woody said there was a 911 emergency call from someone’s hotel room and when the police arrived at the Cornell location was lifeless. While Vicky Karayiamis wife from Cornell check her husband’s condition and this is known from a local radio “Chris looks excited and everyone is really surprised (with his death),” said a Cornell friend who was quoted by People. Cornel has two children aged 12 and 11 from a wife and a 16-year-old child from a previous marriage. Cornell who was born in Seatle in 1964 has a voice range of four octaves In 1984 he formed the Soundgarden band with guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Hiro Yamamoto The band became widely known in 1991 after their third album Badmotorfinger Songs such as “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Rusty Cage”, and “Outshined” are songs that are often played on alternative rock radio radios are quite popular Finally…

Cheap flights from Tiger air
International / Thursday

What do you need to know Tiger Air flights for $ 1? The promoted ticket price runs out within five hours after the promotion takes effect at noon. The flight between Canberra-Melbourne is offered online only to return for $ 1. So you have to go to a destination place then actually you get a discount of 50%. A return time of only $ 1 and the time away you have to pay in full. Obviously you brought their site. You can buy $ 39 or $ 59. Then why do not they make 50% discount promotions? It will not get attention. If making $ 1 is an ingenious marketing strategy and that is proven true within five hours of sold-out tickets. This cheap flight ticket is valid from mid July to mid September 2017 and is available for day and night flights. The seating is limited, however. This cheap flight ticket is available with 14,000 seats. The promotion section always emphasizes “a dollar to return from a holiday that is less than a newspaper or bus ticket and is phenomenal for you to think about it” Flights like this are also done by cheap flights in Europe by Ryanaair….

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