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Lecture and discussion methode

One method to increase the knowledge acquired is discussion. The learning process can be accomplished in many ways not just in a class lecture has given by a lecturer in question, but the material that can be deepened with college buddies with the correct method of discussion.

Learning not only in college but also after school means lifelong learning. The educational process has been developed with a very long time. Actually, the college has also developed teaching strategies to produce quality education. The methods used such as lectures, active learning, cooperative and of course the method of discussion.

In the most common class is a lecture. It is common practice in the classroom throughout the world. Lecturers will provide some information to the student with the same time. The limited time in class sometimes make students should explore the information provided to reset the assigned material thoroughly understood by students.
Weakness lecture method is quite difficult to measure how much students explore the information that has been provided.

To the next level is the case method. Lecturers will provide a case to be solved. Students will be forced to be more active with the debate the issues faced in the case and its relevance.
Discussion method would require students to solve problems with the reading group discussions were also assigned to the student. With this method students will look active and the most appropriate method in the teaching process. Lessons will not be one-way but a two-way and will be able to develop the issues that have been assigned to students. From the results of the study have demonstrated student learning will be enhanced by the method of this discussion.

There is also a discussion of the method combining with the lecture method. Lecturers will monitor participate discussions with students. The disadvantage is the doses will have an extra workload.
With student discussion method will be prosecuted to the percentage of the material to be discussed. Students who are shy will not participate. Teachers will provide the proper techniques so that student will be active even give orders if needed.

With the method of discussion will provides cooperative learning and will teach students to obtain the necessary information.
All methods in the learning process have the positive and negative aspects. This teacher should be more creative by combining several methods that the maximum results obtained by the student.