Need motivation to students


Motivation can be the driving force that is within a person to perform certain activities for the achievement of a goal. Even the motive can be interpreted as an internal condition. Motivation is an energy change in a person who is marked by the emergence of the feeling and preceded by a response to any destination.
Principal in motivation, that is the motivation that begins with the change of energy, marked by a feeling, and stimulated because of the goal.

Motivation is very important for students to stimulate students’ interests, desires, must therefore learning.
Effective learning is not making you dizzy, but how learning objectives can be achieved with ease and fun.

Motivated students who will have a positive impact especially in learning. They will take advantage with a concentration in the learning process.
This also will be followed by excitement, enthusiasm in their studies.
The opposite would occur if the less motivated students will be less interested in learning, although they present in class but is actually mentally absent. They will be less in a complete learning tasks and even to stop learning.

Teachers and instructors have a very important role to motivate students, such as retraining, socialization, models and practical exercises.
Thus students will learn to concentrate to complete the process without fear of failure.

Motivation There are two, namely Intrinsic motivation and motivation extrinsic.
Intrinsic motivation. This type of motivation comes from deep within the individual’s own without any coercion encouragement of others, but based on their own accord.
Extrinsic motivation. This type of motivation arising from the influence of outside individuals, whether because of the invitation, messengers, or coercion of another person with such a situation so that student want to do something or learn.

For students who always pays attention gave the subject matter, not a problem for teachers. Because the inside the existing student motivation, namely intrinsic motivation. Such students are usually self-consciously concerned with the explanation the teacher or instructor. More curiosity in subject matter provided. Various disturbances are nearby, less able to influence it to solve her attention.

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