Preparation for college

Self-discipline is very important for a student when they will start a lecture. Preparation it can get very complicated depending on how you prepare for it.
Starting from books, clothing, educational tools, uniforms, especially if you take a health class, as well as special clothing for use in laboratories and footwear.
All that you provide and your task is primarily to learn.
Of course you need a laptop and i Phone to support your learning activities.

Textbooks are expensive maybe you should spend your thinking. Text books on Amazon may also have to buy it with the most recent version.
Maybe you are lucky if the book you need is still available in the library.

You must also ensure whether you live in the dormitories on campus or off campus. You should know exactly what benefits you get if you live around the campus and outside campus.

Utilities, other utilities such as electricity, water, whether your own or already included in the rent you pay. You may get lucky if you live in your own home if the campus is not far from your home.

Possibilities of your life will change 180 degrees after you’ve finished college. During the course you pay your tuition fees in years as well as the difficulties and stress that you experience, the sacrifice of all is the great reward and recognition for your future and family and of course benefit from the decisions you make.
At times it may be difficult for you to think
out of college. But you also believe that after going through these difficult times you will get benefits in the future.


5 replies on “Preparation for college”

  1. tashabud says:

    So, so glad that when my daughter went to college, she received an academic scholarship that paid for her tuition. My husband and I still had to pay for board, lodging, utilities, books, gas, clothes, and provide her with some spending money. Without her scholarship, our expenses would have trippled.

  2. ali says:

    Preparation for college in America was not much different from in my country, but think about the scholarship for collage in my country seemed far in clouds

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