Problems faced by students


Various problems to be faced by students during the learning process in college. When they have to meet their needs through graduation at the university, during that time span a variety of issues that will arises during that time. Success or not the student how they cope with these difficult times.

College as a place to learn and make friends, get in touch with one another and also to pursue a career later. The other side of campus life is also their personal life, housework, family, parties often do often become a factor inhibiting their success in college.
While the homework and the time to learn is their first priority to learn in college.
Students should be able to maintain a balance between learning and social balance, emotional well-being, physical, and so forth.

The struggle to maintain this balance should continue since they are in college. Of course this will be a burden to students, causing stress. Even the results of a survey that is surprising that ten percent of the student wanted to commit suicide and 80 per cent experiencing high stress levels.
As a result of continuous stress cause irregular eating patterns, lack of sleep that can cause pain, loose motivation, is not responsible and so forth.

Students are always trying to maintain balance life perfectly. But with today’s life, most students cannot cope.
Thinking instability, lack of balanced diet, high tension will be experienced at the time before the exam, let alone unpreparedness or lack of learning.

Overcome the problems they face, students often interact with medications. Caffeine is the most common of student life. Drinking coffee is an everyday part of what they do.
At this alternative method is to use energy drinks. By using energy drinks so that they are more awake. And the stupider act again is by mixing with alcohol. So people are more aroused awake any longer.

Many parents also do not realize this. Parents think that they’ve only given the chance to live for their children. Unaware of their child’s life in college. Parents should have as a counselor to support their children.
If parents are not competent to teach their children, it is not impossible their children grow up to be not feasible and neglected in the future.
So also with their teachers and instructors should be aware of the pressures experienced students, by giving attention in class as often as needed.
Parents, teachers and instructors should give the same contribution, so that student can enjoy their learning period and are more productive and achieve their goals to finish well in college.

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