Stress experienced by students


When students come to college the first time, that is when the transition occurs. The transition from adolescence to adulthood, learning solid and they claimed to be more independent and responsible. Of course this will be a burden for them. This is getting bigger when financial issues are also a burden on them.

Many of the students besides learning they also need to work part time to fulfill their finances. This certainly becomes difficult for them as carrying out two jobs at once; learning and working.
If too many students in work activities, the learning activities and research will be reduced, thereby becoming a dilemma for them and will add stress. Therefore, students should know how to reduce financial stress because of financial stress is not the only way to solve the problem.

When you start college should have to find scholarships that are available in college and whether there is a chance to get it. To receive a scholarship of course must meet the requirements that must be met.
You must have the confidence to get at least you’ve filed a request for a scholarship or financial aid. You certainly will make the application longs enough, it will not nothing compared if your application is accepted. Finance additional results from this scholarship will obviously reduce your financial stress.

Design of expenditure per day until you begin monthly cost. After you count it and then you will run it, then is there any other ways to save on expenses.
You should always have a positive balance, after calculating how much money can you save.

Be careful in using expenditures, take advantage of all discounts available. Priority to the interests of your learning. Use rational when you go shopping, always compare prices before buying. This will saves on your expenditure.
Avoid using credit cards, because this has become a popular trend and is easier to shop, but we often cannot control in your financial outlay.

If the holiday season arrives, the job of what it might do during the holidays. Besides relaxing on how to get money to cover your expenses for the coming year. Try looking for seasonal jobs that will reduces your financial stress.

Think about your future, reduce the things that do not mean like the night life. Control yourself, limit the use of alcohol, other than not good for your health as this could affect the results of your academic achievement and drain the contents of your bag.

Life on campus is very stressful, no matter in what way we see it. If you have any preparation for it you will get through the tough times, financial stress is not the only problem in life on campus, but how we deal with the problems that exist in us.

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