Student debt raise unemployment

The results of the survey showed a non-profit student debt increased by about 24% from 2004 to 2008. The results of the government survey showed two-thirds of students who passed through student loans.
This indicates Cleaner education system funded by debt.

While student debt has increased for years, but according to the survey showed the unemployment rate also increased at the age between 20 and 24 until it reaches 10.6% of which reached record highs during the year.

With the investment of today will not guarantee profits in the future. This means that with a degree which carries a salary is not necessarily appropriate or not get a job at all. Even though so many people who argue that the high cost of higher educations are still offering big profits with investments that have been issued.

Many economists worried about the financial challenges faced by would hurt college earning potential especially if the recession has not ended. There is also concern that these graduates will when saving for retirement or buying a house if their income is inadequate.
As a result many couples to delay having children.
All was not yet counted if they are also using credit cards, loans to finance college or other types of loans.

In general it can be said that the highest debt levels were high related with private schools in a region. This also causes the student loan scandal of recent years such as using cash to break the law to make private student loan business, this is as reported by the U.S. of the Department of Education.
All this shows that how high the obstacles to building a college.


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