Students leaving college

Various reasons for students leaving school before they graduate. There was a delay due to limited funds so that their college or stopped altogether. There is also a match with friends, classmates, roommates in dormitories, faculty members and others.
If students feel comfortable on this all they feel positive and they will continue studying when otherwise they would look for another school or stop altogether.

Income, support, parent education goals helped determine whether students can continue their studies. Besides academic success closest friends, the family also influences the interest to complete the education of students. Likewise with the courses offered, social factors, skills, peer culture, environmental factors, financial resources and so forth.

For that the university will also conduct surveys to students, as well as measures to be taken to expect that student will not leave school before they graduate.
These steps may not be carry out without first understanding of the people directly involved with the students. They must receive input from students about life at university and educational institutions in the campus.
Then the administrator uses the information they acquire and then improve their services so that they prevent students leaving school before graduating.

It’s an irony in the beginning of their lectures very excited to go to college after they spent the time to enroll at the university, but later dropped out to leave without completing their education, then they register themselves to another school and graduation goals in the new school.
A higher education institution should be able to know their student retention rates to determine the extent to which their students’ intentions.
By making the survey will help administrators to provide good service for their students.


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