This is the cause of Chris Cornell’s death
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For the moment the authorities say rocker Chris Cornell died of suicide by hanging himself. Cornell found dead In MGM Grand Detroid after several hours performing with Soundgarden at the Fox Theater on Wednesday night 17/5/2017 Soundgarden and Audioslave grunge band vocalist died at the age of 52 years. Earlier detective police Micahel Woody said there was a 911 emergency call from someone’s hotel room and when the police arrived at the Cornell location was lifeless. While Vicky Karayiamis wife from Cornell check her husband’s condition and this is known from a local radio “Chris looks excited and everyone is really surprised (with his death),” said a Cornell friend who was quoted by People. Cornel has two children aged 12 and 11 from a wife and a 16-year-old child from a previous marriage. Cornell who was born in Seatle in 1964 has a voice range of four octaves In 1984 he formed the Soundgarden band with guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Hiro Yamamoto The band became widely known in 1991 after their third album Badmotorfinger Songs such as “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Rusty Cage”, and “Outshined” are songs that are often played on alternative rock radio radios are quite popular Finally…

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