Investigating Discrimination in Car Insurance Premiums in California
International / Tuesday

There are currently investigations by the Insurance Department in California against eight auto insurance companies suspected of discriminating racers for minority environments, as well as responses to findings by ProPublica and Customer Reports. This is related to the existence of an article from ProPublica and Consumer Reports that found eight Californian insurance to use higher premiums in minority environments than non-minority environments at similar accident costs. While the law in California prohibits discriminatory treatment by using excessive insurance rates. On 28 April ago deputy commissioner Ken Allen once wrote to a lawyer at the Consumers Union, “The allegations against this price is a serious offense” For that to be investigated and summarizing all the data and information needed to complete an analysis of eight companies on a file-per-file basis. The goal is whether there is true improper determination by the insurance company. Of course the California insurance department debated the ProPublica analysis and said “The conclusions were taken incorrectly because of using the wrong methodology” as the regulatory body mentioned in an official statement. Despite having made such statements the department decided to make an inquiry on its own, and would make a public review especially after receiving input from…

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