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How to find a credit card is a scam

How do you know which credit card is a scam? Moreover, credit cards are international. If the credit card is issued in foreign countries like in Japan. Then how do you make sure it is not a scam? Especially if you trade online and your customers are abroad


Many credit card issuers but cases also rise from time to time and we should be more careful

Many credit card issuers but cases also rise from time to time and we should be more careful


Customer request to send to a distant place and billing address besides that there is another problem with payment by credit card. If the transaction is suspicious then you can call immediately “code 10” and follow all operator instructions after that. If the transaction is rejected then you can request another payment transaction until the problem becomes clear before you send the product.

The level of credit card fraud is high then if you are a trader then you should review the recommendations of each credit card issuer due to increased fraud. Credit card issuer policy is very important for it need to authorize that can be done online and can be a good check.

High fraud rates such as vessel address orders differ from billing address. Other signs of fraud such as shipments outside the merchant’s country. Orders are larger than normal, shipping is requested in a hurry or more than overnight. and so forth.

However, this kind of thing does not always show cheating like a new customer, it does not mean he is a criminal but you should stay alert.
Always ask for an expiration date other than the three numbers behind CVV2 as the three-digit security number that is behind it.
However we like to do sales but we also have to avoid the scam by scammers.

Then what about the credit card owner himself? Payments with no cash is attractive and online shopping is a must. You are also fascinated with the large selection of credit cards, especially low interest credit cards. Insurance companies also advertise in their marketing. Is this best for you?

Not all low interest credit cards offer the same offer. This low interest credit card only applies to purchases. Instead advances are charged with high interest rates. If you intend to have a credit card with low interest makes sure the interest rate for purchase as well as down payment.

Large companies advertise low interest credit cards. You should be aware that they are not your only choice. Do intensive research and confirm the organization’s reliability. Moreover, later the credit card you use for online shopping online, where your credit card can be rejected.

If you really want always to pay off your bills every month with no interest rates then maybe you do not need a credit card with low interest.
The low interest credit card issuing company will chooses the customer with a very good credit rating.

The annual fee charged to a low interest credit card is usually at a higher rate of interest. Clearly the savings made are balanced. Although you can actually make savings with low interest credit cards despite high annual fees. You must maintain a balance with zero on your credit card. The most cost you spend is the annual fee only.

Low interest credit cards will not be accompanied with a good reward scheme. As a result you will not feel lucky from the low interest credit card of the award scheme.
The advantage of a low interest credit card is if you pay the full amount at any time, thereby reducing your total cash outlay.

Knowing the ins and outs of credit cards are very important, because of the shopping with credit card and who accept payment by credit card. Both could be fooled. If the recipient of the credit card received is a scam, while the credit card is declined for payment and also the interest calculation for the credit card is not as imagined in the ad. This is because almost everyone wants to shop with a low interest credit card to save on expenses.