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President Trump declared to combat the equal rights of LGBT

President Trump decides to ban LGBT people on duty in the military. This decision was made on Wednesday advertised through a secretary of defense which has long been denounced by social conservatives.

In addition President Trump also made a statement on Twitter stating that “American troops cannot afford the extraordinary medical and disturbance costs” of LGBT members.
For this one also Trump does not need to consult with generals and military experts.

Trump also explains that whether taxpayers also pay for the therapy of transgender for hormone therapy to serve transgender. If this is enforced then the expenditure of security defense will bare a cost of $ 790 billion and this should be decided by vote this week.

Nevertheless Trump continues to raise its budget for services to transgender.

Trump’s decision was taken in a hurry and has not answered how the blue decision will be implemented.
Instead President Obama previously allowed transgender to serve the state as a member of the military. Trump campaign time will also support LGBT rights.

According to analyst Petrik Egan of New York University Trump’s decision was precisely pushed by people in his government in making decisions. Including vice president Mike Pence. According to analysts that Pence is behind the abolition of health care for transgender members of the military. But the statement was rejected by the House of Representatives last month.

The news on Twitter will delight the ultra conservative who support Trump but will pay a pricey political one.

Further sharp criticism came from the LGBT camp that hit Trump with criticism of not keeping promises that have been submitted during the election campaign last.
At that time Trump blatantly supported LGBT rights.
The head of the LGBT group Chad Griffein said “Trump is not worthy of Commander in chief.” He also mentions “Trump jeopardizes the lives of US military personnel and disables military alertness and harms state security”

With the steps taken Trump will cause a split in the body of his cabinet. Cabinet members such as James Mattis have been functioning as a stability factor that often creates disorganized administration. Mattis who is director of the Pentagon is on leave and shocked by the ban on transgender against the institution he leads.

John McCain, who is chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the United States Senate who is a key Republican, also criticized the Trump. McCain declared such a decision not to be conveyed via Twitter and declared against if the transgender dismissal is now on duty in the military.

Then what is the fate of the transgender that is in the military? Also not yet clear. Because so far still ping pong policy, White House pointing pentagon policy and pentagon appoint White House policy