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This year is the final preparation for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

James Matthews and Pippa Middleton

James Matthews and Pippa Middleton

This year is the final preparation for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Mathews

Millionaire James Mathews will marry Pippa Midldleton who is already engaged and has been dubbed the most marriage of public attention this year.

Middleton will go down the aisle at 8:30 p.m. and this is one of Britain’s most luxurious events in Englefield and invited guests of about 300 people. This marriage is a historical one.

Mathews 41 and Middleton 33 agreed their marriage would be held in July and they had already prepared for the day.

Meanwhile, Sun himself claims to be a “tartan affair” to celebrate Scottish heritage Matthews because the couple will be married for less than a year.

This is a “wedding this year” and is a great day you need to know.
In addition, the spouse does not bear any fees whether the guest will be covered and includes adequate privacy.

The small village of England, however, is filled with surveillance vehicles and security guards and police officers totaling dozens of people.

The cameras have been set up all over the place, and mostly hidden behind the disguises, and the security guards are also working hard to secure the event.
In addition there are also four former soldiers who are specially hired to run the entire operation.

All hedges are also traced with the scanner to search for hidden cameras.

Spotlights are also placed on large tents so that photographer can work and at predefined positions.

For the locals are also given identity cards including their cars and also given a gold bracelet to identify them.
This wedding will also be attended by nobles and also celebrities and they have signed up well in advance.

“Nobody carries the ring” suits actress Meghane Markle who has been dating Prince Harry since last year, the actress was spotted at London’s Heathtrow Airport on Tuesday before being took to Kensington’s palace.

Markle himself was rumored to have chosen his clothes at the last moment whose purpose was not to clash with the Duchess of Cambridge on the same day.

“The goal of Meghan is to draw attention by making the same designs” they say

The same is given to James who is Middleton’s brother and also no ring and will be present with Donna Air.