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Cheap flights from Tiger air

Flight Tiger air $ 1

Special deal and promotion from Tiger air

What do you need to know Tiger Air flights for $ 1? The promoted ticket price runs out within five hours after the promotion takes effect at noon.

The flight between Canberra-Melbourne is offered online only to return for $ 1. So you have to go to a destination place then actually you get a discount of 50%.
A return time of only $ 1 and the time away you have to pay in full.

Obviously you brought their site. You can buy $ 39 or $ 59. Then why do not they make 50% discount promotions? It will not get attention. If making $ 1 is an ingenious marketing strategy and that is proven true within five hours of sold-out tickets.

This cheap flight ticket is valid from mid July to mid September 2017 and is available for day and night flights. The seating is limited, however.
This cheap flight ticket is available with 14,000 seats.

The promotion section always emphasizes “a dollar to return from a holiday that is less than a newspaper or bus ticket and is phenomenal for you to think about it”

Flights like this are also done by cheap flights in Europe by Ryanaair.
Anyway that can does that kind of flight is people who have the plenty of time.
For business aviation cannot do such a deal.

To produce cheap flights like this their target should be 88 to 90 percent should be full.
For example Brisbane – Sydney $ 75 outbound and $ 1 return.
In addition you also have to pay luggage costs including 7 kg carry-on, in-flight and credit card charges.

Flights with cheap tickets like this are also many in other countries including in Asian countries and generally ticket counters like this are very few possibilities are not there because it must be ordered via online and little use of labor. Avoiding transit hence the airport fee is also very large and direct to the destination. Usually flights do not take more than two hours, so as not to provide food for passengers and reduce the cost burden on passengers.

That is the marketing strategy of a flight that tries to implement low cost. Advertising is also very instrumental in the promotion and get a very high enthusiasm from the target audience who saw the ad with a vigorous promotion has done