The advantage of students live near campus

General college offers housing for students near campus. This, of course they do especially with increasing number of people who will enroll in college.
Many of these benefits if a student living near campus both socially and purpose of education itself.

By living near the campus will have a predefined rule. Each student will be required to follow the rules when living near the campus. One factor is not allowed any alcohol. As habits of young kids partying without the alcohol of course they are not so comfortable when compared with their friends who live off campus.
It is not surprising that the graduation rate of students who live near campus tends to be higher if they live outside the campus.

So do social activities and other extracurricular lessons such as clubs and committees, students living on campus will get more involved when compared with their friends who live off campus.
This will benefit the students themselves to build a resume later.
Of course this will be fun for the students themselves and even students themselves often do not realize the benefits of the can if they lived near the campus.

Another advantage is that in can save money. One of them are the distance between houses with a relatively near campus that will saves money for it.
Other facilities that you get is of course you can to the campus library, bookstore, health centers on campus, the shops on campus, so you can avoid traffic and things that do not need that will saves your expense.
Security level will also be better near the campus by the police who patrol regularly.

Students who live close to campus is the students who live with various multi-power. You can learn about the traditions and beliefs of others and the environment which has the freedom to express themselves. Thus is a good way to slowly transition into the real world.
If you anytime soon will graduate from high school things above need to be one consideration if you want to continue to higher education as an alternative in saving money and the positive things you are going to get.