The relationship between student and teacher


Career as an educator is a teacher who provides instruction to students while also must know how to act around students and working with fellow teachers, administrator support staff and parents.

Teachers also should also help in school for every day a fun day for everyone with the attitude of good words, cooperation, positive attitude to reach a harmonious relationship between teachers, support staff, administrator, parents, especially with student and teacher.

If harmony is reached so that the problems in the school environment can be solved by helping each other.

Thereby staff should be more concerned with other people and not just concerned about their welfare.

All staff will work together for the good of the students by maintaining employee and a dedicated hard worker.

Thus, students will develop in a positive environment. Parents will also be involved in their children’s education if they are also welcomed and appreciated.

This is an ideal relationship in a school setting and this should be achieved.

Teachers also often experience frustration if at some time experienced conflict or experiencing a major task.

Communication barriers allow for problems between teachers, staff and even with students. The possibilities of some people do not have the good interpersonal and teachers must ensure that no prejudice is not good.

So much needed cooperation between teachers, administrator, faculty advisor so that various problems can be resolved.

Various problems can arise, and a variety of strategies can also be applied to solve the problem. Confrontation should not happen especially expressed his frustration to others as a way to calm down and should not happen in the right job. Student and teacher should talk privately when they solve problems.

Students also should know the rules and expectations before they deal with them so that teacher can work together.

Students also should be able to feel when they experience frustration because teachers can create an explosive situation.

Students and teachers should view the problem as the doors of learning.

Every human being has the inherent different and have different viewpoints, so that often lead to conflict.

If there is an ideal relationship problems can be resolved.

Ideal relationship is a real relationship despite different opinions in solving a problem.